The Two Main Types Of Car Paint Protection Products

and how you can let us help you navigate the maze of options, and find you the best solution!

Ceramic Paint Protection - Opti-Coat PRO+

  • Applied in liquid (resin) form, and covers entire vehicle
  • Permanent (molecular) bond, therefore cannot delaminate
  • 2 Micron thickness, best in class
  • CSIRO tested & proven – click to download results
  • Never wax or polish your car again
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Clear Stone Chip Protection - Scratch Proof Your Paint

  • Polyurethane film with self healing scratch resistant surface
  • 10 years Nationwide Manufacturer’s Warranty, computer cut templates
  • 200+ micron thickness – triple most factory clear coats
  • 100% removable with no effect to the car’s paintwork
  • Cover selected parts, or the entire vehicle
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