Clear Stone Chip & Scratch Protection Films

Xpel Ultimate & SunTek PPF-C Paint Protection Films (PPF)

Clear stone chip protection film is not just for the most serious car enthusiast. Although we constantly see pictures of luxury & super cars such as Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini & Bugatti (to name a few), touting their chip-proof paint, it is becoming more common to see Xpel Ultimate PPF and SunTek PPF-C on every day vehicles requiring general or specific paint protection.

At Solartint Brookvale, we offer not only a diversity of PPF products including 3M Scotchgard PRO, Xpel Ultimate, and SunTek PPF-C, but we offer custom solutions to your specific requirements. We can tailor make a set of pieces from the amazing Xpel DAP Database, or we can even custom make a set of templates, just for your individual needs.

We offer a “Wear & Tear Pack” for most vehicles which includes the basic areas that get the everyday knocks & bumps. This can include combinations of inner sill panels, under door handles, door edge guards, cargo area protection & much, much more. Pricing starts from $295 for a basic package.

Paint protection film offers a tangible, physical barrier that is not only protecting the surface from stone chips, but is also self-healing, meaning that superficial swirl marks from washing, simply clear up after around 30 minutes in the sun, or with a warm water wash.

1964 Lotus Elan - In Progress

Front End Wrap Completed

Xpel Ultimate

XPel Ultimate Paint Protection Film, or PPF, has won the world market and continues to be unrivalled in quality and performance.

Xpel’s “Ultimate” line of PPF comes with an incredible 10 year warranty, and will never yellow, peel, discolour, crack, stain, or become “hazy”, helping you make a confident decision in which product may be best to protect your car’s paintwork.

Precise, computer cut templates ensure a perfect fit to your vehicle – all kits are cut on site with our Roland Cutter, a computerised plotting machine programmable to cut tens of thousands of different vehicle patterns, at the click of a mouse. This means less waste, no guessing, the best pricing and most of all the cleanest install you could hope for!

Self Healing Polyurethane – Xpel’s Ultimate line of films have the ability to “heal” surface scratches and swirl marks, meaning the surface will heal itself in time, leaving an unblemished top surface – for years and years to come.

What’s even better, that the market leader in chemical paint protection, Opti-Coat, is confirmed as being 100% compatible with XPel Ultimate, making it easier to clean, adds extra gloss, and will not interfere with the self healing ability of the film.

Xpel PPF looks exactly like paint. You can wax it or add a paint protection product of your choice on top, if you so desire. From luxury sports cars to aeroplanes, buses and freight trucks, an ever growing list of users are enjoying the benefits and peace of mind of XPel paint protection films. Whether you are trying to preserve resale value, or you wish to continue to enjoy a perfect paint surface on your vehicle throughout the time you own it, this is truly the product for you.

XPEL Ultimate Spec sheet

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SunTek PPF-C

SunTek has completely shaken the market with the introduction of their film, SunTek PPF-C.

It possesses many of the qualities of the premium paint protection films, at a lower cost. In fact, if you scour the internet and research different products, you’ll find a solid argument between installers and enthusiasts alike, as to which film is better, and why.

It is popularly believed that SunTek PPF-C is glossier, and shinier, and possesses more natural “orange peel” qualities. Most installers agree that while the adhesive is less aggressive, it is a more forgiving film, possibly lending itself better to large-panel installs, such as 4wd vehicle roofs and bonnets.

Throughout testing in our branch, the SunTek PPF-C film has proven itself to possess all of the self healing properties of Xpel Ultimate and 3M Scotchgard PRO, at around 20% less price. This film is perfect for vehicles on novated leases or for commercial vehicles looking at more cost effective solutions to using paint protection films on cars.

Whichever the case may be, SunTek paint protection film certainly has its place in the market and we will happily quote to supply & install it with confidence.

SunTek PPF-C carries a 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Read more about SunTek PPF-C Paint Protection Film Here