Subaru WRX – Deep Blue Opti-Coat PRO+, Madico Tint & Xpel Ultimate

By September 29, 2015Uncategorized

A shining example of why we do the work we do!

This Subaru WRX was brought to us to have some paint protection options put on, after the dealer had instructed our client to look into some options.

The client had wisely instructed the dealer to omit the “pre delivery detail” from the delivery order, so that he could properly inspect the vehicle and to minimise any potential damage caused by the detailing department.

The car was delivered first thing Monday morning in near perfect condition, requiring no decontamination and only very minor machine polishing. This is necessary before applying Opti-Coat PRO+ to add gloss and increase durability.

Firstly the Xpel Ultimate was cut on our new Roland GX-640 using the Xpel DAP software, which cuts impressively accurate panel shapes. We cut the front bar, and the bonnet. On top of this we decided to add a rocker panel kit as the radical side skirt design of the Subaru WRX has a very prone area there which will definitely get scuffed up.