How do you find out if there is an aerial in your rear windscreen, or side window?

By November 13, 2015Uncategorized

In most cases it is quite simple to find, and sometimes you need look no further than the rear screen.

Rear window de-mister, or “de-fogger” lines, are the horizontal lines running across your rear windscreen. However, if you take a look at a modern car, in many European and Japanese cars you will see someĀ verticalĀ lines running from the top of the rear windscreen to the bottom, or in a square pattern. This would be a fair indicator that you have an aerial in your rear windscreen.

There are some select few vehicles that do not follow any of the general rules-of-thumb on aerial placement. For instance the Audi A3 Convertible has aerials and receivers placed throughout the entire vehicle, including under the rear bumper bar and the driver side mirror, among others.

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