Car Tinting

$ 300

*small cars starting price

Lifetime Warranty

Up to 60% heat rejection

99.6% UVA & UVB protection

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New Car Package DealsBest Value On New Car Protection

$ 925

*protection packs starting price

Opti-Coat PRO+ & Madico Window Tint

CSIRO Tested and Proven

Authorised Applicator

New Car Package Pricing

Homes & Offices

$ 75

*starting price per square metre

Industry Leading Films

Huge Energy Savings

Professional Installers

Basic Window Film Install Pricing

New Car Tinting Price Guide

2 Door Hatch $290
5 Door, Small Sedan $330
Lge Sedan, Small SUV $390
Lge SUV & People Mover >$420
Pricing for new cars, please enquire for exact quote

New Car Tint & Protection Package Price Guide

Small Cars, Inc. Tint 2 Front Windows $925
Small Cars, Inc.Tint All Windows $1125
Large Cars, Inc. Tint All Windows, $from $1225
Large Cars, Inc. Tint 2 Front Windows, $from $1095
Pricing for new cars, and are subject to variation, please enquire for exact quote

Home & Office Tinting & Glass Frosting Price Guide

Basic Window Frosting, $from $75/SqM
Basic Heat & Glare Reduction, $from $75/SqM
Premium USA Films, $from $99/SqM
Premium Ceramic Films/IR Reduction Films, $from $110/SqM
Indicative pricing for basic installs. Flat glass window tinting pricing is greatly variable due to many factors. Things like frame type, frame size, glass size and top frame height are among a few of the factors considered. All final pricing must be quoted through our branch.